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Lulu needs your help if she can get a potentially life-saving surgery.

Lulu rests after lunch. Photo credit: GoFundMe
Lulu rests after lunch. Photo credit: GoFundMe

By Les Masterson

Danvers, Mass. – Kimberly Hammond Donahue knew she had to do something for Lulu, a German Shepherd that was abandoned at the Spoiled Rotten Doggy Daycare.

Donahue learned of Lulu’s plight on the one-year anniversary of her father’s passing. Her father loved German Shepherds and she felt it was a sign. She just had to help Lulu.

Lulu’s previous owner left her at the doggie daycare and never picked her up. She was abandoned. 

After more than a month of taking care of Lulu, Spoiled Rotten Doggy Daycare needed someone to take her. Donahue volunteered to board her until a forever home could be found for the German Shepherd.

There was a problem. Danvers Animal Hospital, which has provided medical care for Lulu, reported that the dog has a medical condition called esophageal diverticulitis, which requires immediate corrective surgery to allow her to eat and not regurgitate her food. The problem hasn’t been treated for years, said Donahue.

If she doesn’t get the surgery, her condition will worsen and can lead to a secondary condition, such as an infection in her lungs, which can be fatal.

“While the situation is guarded, she has a good chance post-operation as she is still not too old at 6 years old. Prognosis is not favorable without surgery. As she ages, she will not be able to tolerate secondary complications and infections that will start to take over,” said Donahue. 

Donahue is getting Lulu evaluated by Angell Memorial Hospital, which is the closest facility that can perform such an operation. The operation could cost between $5,000 and $8,000 depending on the severity.

Raising Money for Lulu

Donahue can’t afford the operation and has set up a GoFundMe page in hopes of raising at least $5,000 for the operation

“I know this dog came to us to bring folks together for a good cause; she's a kind soul,” said Donahue.

Seventeen hours after Donahue creating the account, she has raised $725 for Lulu. The $725 is a great start, but she needs a lot more so she can save Lulu. Donahue said her 16-year-old son even offered to take money out of his college fund to pay for the surgery immediately.

“He is so much like my Dad who just passed, and he is already trying to solicit donations from all his friends at Bishop Fenwick where he is a junior,” she said proudly.

Donahue said that any money raised beyond the cost of surgery and medication costs will be donated to the Northeast Animal Shelter in Salem in hopes that it can be used for rescued dogs with special needs.

“I do love dogs... and I do feel she deserves a second chance. I met her as my dog has gone to Spoiled Rotten over the years and they are all committed there to helping me help her get better and have a loving home.

“For me, it’s sentimental and personal. I grew up with the most loving German Shepherd, and they were my Dad's favorite breed. My Dad passed away this past year and on the exact one-year anniversary of his death this dog showed up in front of me with her situation. I do feel it’s a sign… and yes, my faith is strong regarding how these sort of things come to each of us.”

Both Donahue and Spoiled Rotten staff are committed to get Lulu healthy and give her a second chance.

“We are her guardian angels, as she has not had an advocate until this point. Every soul deserves a chance,” said Donahue.

To donate for Lulu’s cause, go to the GoFundMe page created for raising money for Lulu. 

Julie Taylor February 18, 2014 at 09:33 AM
what is your miserable problem Jenny s. ?????????? count on me for a pledge and sharing this local and national.
steve forte February 18, 2014 at 11:05 AM
So has anyone ever looked into " go fund me: to see if anyone checks if these are real stories and not scams?
Average American February 18, 2014 at 06:40 PM
Its real easy people, if it says "Trending on the Patch" it is most likely NOT a local story therefore you should not click on it unless you want to hear National news. Click one, or done.
J D C February 18, 2014 at 08:55 PM
Hey you can take it down now, they have SIXTEEN GRAND! They only needed 10k TOPS!


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