Election 2012: Pennsylvania Becomes Battleground State

Keystone State now 'up for grabs'

Governor Romney has pulled to within 2 points in Pennsylvania.  In a separate poll, Obama’s double digit lead in Pennsylvania has narrowed to within the margin of error with 12 percent undecided – and history shows, undecided voters generally choose the challenger.

Reuters states:  'Pennsylvania and Michigan - regarded until this week as sure bets for Obama - suddenly do not look so safe for him as several polls showed his lead in both states shrinking to 3 percentage points.'  Pennsylvania is now 'up for grabs.'

But it is not just Pennsylvania.  Romney is now leading in all 11 swing states.   

The bump for Romney comes not only after the debate, but it comes after the speech at a packed Valley Forge Military Academy on September 28th.

Troops in the military overwhelmingly choose Romney as the next commander-in-chief as only 26 percent polled side with Obama.

And while the Chairman of the House Oversight is now eyeing Clinton over the latest developments unraveling in Libya, one can say the Obama camp is a mess. 

But there is more about Pennsylvania that many overlook. 

Pennsylvania is a coal state – and coal country is hurting.  Coal is our most abundant energy resource right here at home.  We have 336 coal mines in PA with over 41,000 jobs.  And while Obama's EPA puts more regulation on our coal industry, it should come as no surprise that the Obama campaign is in trouble here in Pennsylvania.  Recall in 2008 when Obama vowed to bankrupt the coal industry.

Coal stocks are rallying on Romney's election hopes.   As a coal miner's wife stated, the EPA has 'absolutely destroyed our way of life'

As for the political left, the signs of panic begin to show.  Four days following the debate went silent.  Now, all they have is Big Bird in posts such as this.  While Sesame Street and Big Bird want out of Obama’s campaign, it is apparent it is all the other side has nothing else to run on.  They cannot run on the president’s record.   

This election is not about Big Bird, nor is it about a candidate's taxes.  The election is about the fundamental direction of the country, jobs, and the economy.  The latest poll figures show people are becoming more informed. 

Get out and vote, Pennsylvania. 

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Joe October 11, 2012 at 02:13 AM
I'll believe it when I see the Romney campaign put $$ into TV ads. As a committeman, I cannot even get signs as they rationed. It is hard to get worked up when I don't see a financial commitment from the Romney campaign,although he and Paul Ryan have been in the area. PA should be a battleground state, but SHOW ME THE $$ and then I'll believe you believe.
Mike Shortall Sr October 12, 2012 at 05:17 PM
Joe: You can find a lot more Romney-Ryan yard signs out and about (at least in the areas I see) than you do ones for Obama-Biden. No doubt there had not been as much "investment" in PA before last week's debate significantly tightened the race. But that's probably changing now with just weeks left in the campaign. MontCo Republican Party recently sent out an e-mail to all GOP Committee members saying they expect more signs to be made available, and will send out another message once they arrive.
penllynjohn October 15, 2012 at 01:33 AM
I agree from all the people, including Democrats ,that I talk to that Romney-Ryan are deeply impressive and motivating when compared to the economic, and now international, death spiral of incompetence Obama showed in Debate One combined with Biden's unbecoming,immature snarliness in the VP Debate. PA is going Republican, out of patriotism and desperation, from the shocking and unnerving Democrat leaders newly revealed "empty suits" performances.


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