'Those Wildwood Days' Will Still Be Free

Wildwood's beaches will stay cost-free this summer.

The chill of a code blue in mid-February makes many yearn for the hot days of summer. As residents from Montgomery County start to make Jersey Shore plans, they'll be happy to know more cash won't have to come out of your pocket to hit the beach.

According to a report by The Philly Post, Wildwood city officials decided Wednesday that they would not approve an admission fee program on its beaches this summer.

CBS Philly reports said Mayor Ernie Troiano was in favor of the fees. He felt that with the city's shortfalls in budget could be covered by the new beach fees.

"You have people who will sit there and chop your head off because their taxes are too high,” he said to CBS, "and then you try to create a revenue source and then they chop your head off for that."

According to the Post, "local business owners worried the fees would chase visitors over to neighboring Atlantic City."

Wildwood is one of the few beaches that remains cost free. According to NewJerseyShore.com, beaches in Ocean City, Seaside Heights, Cape May and Belmar all charge a fee. Atlantic City and Wildwood do not.


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