Gallery: Oreland Fourth of July Parade

Thousands of residents took to the streets to celebrate America’s Independence.

Thousands of residents from Springfield, Upper Dublin and surrounding areas took to the streets Wednesday morning to celebrate America’s Independence at the Oreland Lions’ Fourth of July Parade.

The parade wound its way through tree-lined residential streets before a big finish in the heart of Oreland. It featured an array of community and emergency service organizations from throughout the county, as well as many local businesses – and clowns - all with patriotic flair.

Check out our photo gallery of the event to see parade participants – and the crowd! Did we catch you in our lens?

What Does Independence Day Mean To You?

The Upper Dublin Patch asked parade-goers: “What does Independence Day mean to you?”

Here are some of the answers:

“It’s the day when America gained independence from the British,” said Emily, a student in the Plymouth-Whitemarsh School District.

“It means a day to celebrate America with great parades like this one – and it means Liberty,” said Jack Rodenbaugh, member of Ancient Order of Hibernians, Montgomery County Notre Dame Division One Color Guard Team.

“It means freedom. If we don’t keep ourselves together, we will be servants for the elite, instead of the elite being our servants. The constitution is our document, and we all need to read it,” said Tom Frieze, president of the Vietnam Veterans of America Chapter 590.

“It marks the birthday of this great county – 235 years - when we gained independence from Britain. It means liberty and freedom,” said Tom Bell, Springfield Township Commissioner.

“It means that I’m sitting here today in this chair, watching this great parade. It’s freedom,” said Nelson, a veteran from Flourtown.

“It means we can walk around this town and not be scared of getting bombed,” said Freddy, a veteran from Wyndmoor.


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