Backyard Chicken Ordinance Heads Back To Planning Commission

The amended proposal would increase restrictions on both lot size and coup location.

Following Tuesday night’s , the Upper Dublin Board of Commissioners unanimously voted to amend the proposal, which is now headed back to the planning commission for review.

The would have allowed residents with at least half-an-acre to keep up to six chickens, so long as the coup was positioned at least 25-feet away from both the residence and the perimeter of the property, but the amended ordinance would increase both the required lot size and the coup restrictions.

“I’d like to increase the lot-acre size from half-an-acre to one acre, and also increase the setbacks on the property from 25 feet to 40 feet for the side and rear properties,” said Ronald Feldman, vice president of the Upper Dublin Board of Commissioners.

Residents who have already received a variance from the zoning board will be grandfathered-in under the new ordinance, and those without the required acreage will still be able to apply for a variance.

“While this may seem restrictive as discussed, [residents] will have a recourse if they are of the mindset to have chickens [on a lot smaller than one acre],” said Commissioner Chester Derr.

Once the county and local planning commissions have reviewed the amended proposal, the ordinance will be sent back to the board of commissioners for a final approval.


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Curmudgeon June 14, 2012 at 01:40 PM
The Board has spent over 2 hours in various meetings discussing this. There has not been a problem, yet Commisssioner Feldman does not want chickens in the township. The township has changed, yes, but historically back to the late 1600's when the twomship was settled, chickens have been a part of this township. Roosters, which are banned created the noise issue. Between fox and coyotes, any small pet is at risk, chickens kept properly, will not add to our predatory wild animal problem. Why not leave well enough alone. Next on their agenda is an ordinance to fine us if our trash cans are not removed from the street by the next day. I'm sure the police would rather fine homeowners than catch criminals. Do you know how silly you are looking!!!! Sometimes LESS IS MORE!!!
Lisa June 14, 2012 at 07:06 PM
Mary Keptke June 15, 2012 at 01:38 PM
Ron Feldman ughh! His constituents want chickens, but he has never listened to them before, why should he start now. He does nothing for Upper Dublin ever, but he is coming out strong on the "anti-chicken" movement. Please ward 6 find another guy to represent you. If only we could clone Stan Ropski!
RuffinPuffin June 15, 2012 at 04:43 PM
Commissioner Feldman needs to open his eyes and do a little research. Times HAVE changed and many people are looking into self-sustainability- Growing gardens and producing some of their own food for health and economic reasons, recycling, and reducing our carbon footprints. Chickens play a vital part in all of that. Not only do they provide fresh eggs (healthier that any store bought), they provide eco-friendly weed and bug control, and unlike dogs and cats, their poop is compostable and makes amazing free fertilizer. People who keep chickens are less likely to spray their yards with toxic chemicals which is better for the environment. Chickens only need about 4 sq ft per bird to be happy, so they can be accommodated on almost any size lot. Chickens go to their coops at night and stay there until the morning, so foxes and coyotes are not an issue. The feral cat population as well as wild bunnies and chipmunks are more of a threat. Hens rarely make a sound except for the short lived clucking that happens when they are about to lay and egg or have just laid one. Even then, they are MUCH quieter than peoples barking dogs, traffic noise, or police and ambulance sirens. The movement is huge and people seek out communities that are family and earth friendly. Local communities that don't allow chickens will be passed by for others that do. Get with the times Upper Dublin and other communities. Listen to the people!!!
Bill July 25, 2012 at 07:19 PM
Times are going to get much harder and people are looking for ways to pay for taxes through excessive spending on needless projects and buying food for their families. This is just more control to prevent self sufficiency.


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