"Between The Raindrops"

Embrace the Happy

I was in my friends boutique the other day (Jennk in Huntingdon Valley...a must go!) when I said to the owner, "Jen, the skirt I bought last week was a bit snug. I swear I'm gaining weight by the second!" She looked me square in the eye and replied, "Stace, that's because you're happy!". I stopped for a moment and reflected. Her words couldn't have rung more true.

A few months ago I received several injections of Botox prescribed by my neurologist to help relieve my never-ending bouts of migraines. In exchange, I had to stop taking Topamax, which I had been on for years. After a month of being off said drug, I noticed I was gaining weight, and had an Aha! moment of sorts...I remembered one of the "perks" of Topamax was weight loss/maintenance. Admitting to my shallowness, I immediately started taking this drug again, much to the detriment of my health. (I have since stopped taking it as I am much more rational than shallow; skinny is not worth poor health EVER!)

Never one to be a hypocrite, this is a conversation I've had many times with my friends and it is truth: weight is cyclical. When we are happy, the pounds seem to find us; we are content in life and not so self-consumed. We go out, participating in all the wonders life has to offer. Conversely, when we are sad or down, we focus inwards, do serious self-loathing, stray from the outside world, and punish ourselves & our bodies in a desperate attempt that ultimately fails to equate looks with happiness.

I will happily accept these few extra pounds as testament to where I am on my path. Not everything is roses; if it was, that wouldn't be realistic. Nor would it be fun. It's the challenge that keeps us going, the motivating force behind our will to keep on keeping on. When you can look back and say, "Holy sh*t, I really did all that? Go me !" And then keep going...  So it's a few more pounds to haul...I'll work it off in due time.

There's something to be said for appreciating everything that comes your way...even if it's just plain, old understanding. Don't overthink anything. Just go with it and let things fall where they may.

....and breathe...

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