Lead Found in Fort Washington Elementary School Drinking Water

Twenty samples were taken from Fort Washington Elementary School, and six areas exceeded allowable threshold for lead in the water.

Parents recieved the following e-mail from Stephanie A. Hultquist, M.Ed., Interim Principal and Coordinator of Educational Technology, on Tuesday:

In response to a building liaison concern, the Facilities Department recently conducted lead testing of our buildings water sources.  Of the 20 samples taken, 6 areas exceeded the EPA threshold of .0015 mgl (or 15 parts per billion) as per the report received by QC Laboratories.  The 6 areas include: Room 216, Room 102, Cafeteria Water Fountain, Boy’s Bathroom (by Music Room), Kitchen Dishwasher Sink& the Kitchen Serving Line Sink. 

The following steps are currently being taken to address concerns in both the short/long terms and in  conjunction with the EPA recommendations:

     1. All fixtures will be replaced from the water pipes up to and including hardware in areas exceeding the EPA thresholds;

       2. Water supply has been shut off to any area in excess of the EPA regulations, if operationally plausible, until solutions are in place;

      3. More sampling has been ordered to test the remaining building water sources which were not included in the first round;

      4.  Plans for additional filtration solutions are being considered pending the results of future testing

Please note: Bottled water is being used in the kitchen for cooking.

As we continue to obtain any new information, we will keep the students, staff and community informed. 

justme May 10, 2012 at 01:57 PM
what about other schools?
chvolly27 May 10, 2012 at 02:17 PM
i remember lead in the pipes being a issue when i was there 12 years ago


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