EASTERN Cosmetology Students Make Summer Commitment

EASTERN's Cosmetology students must complete 1,250 hours of class time, which means attending classes for six weeks during the summer.

From Eastern Center for Arts and Technology:

Eastern Center for Arts and Technology (EASTERN) Cosmetology student are finishing up their summer hours. In order to become a licensed cosmetologist, students need to complete 1,250 hours of class time. Since this exceeds the time allotted in the two year Cosmetology program offered at EASTERN, students attend classes for six weeks during the summer of both their junior and senior years of high school.

EASTERN’s Cosmetology program provides the skills necessary to begin a career in the cosmetology field. In Pennsylvania, as well as other states, cosmetologists and nail technicians must be licensed to practiced in the field.

Students attending EASTERN’s Cosmetology program save time and money by completing a nail technician and/or cosmetology program while still in high school. This provides the student a substantial savings as the cost of private beauty school after high school averages from approximately $2,000 to $12,5000.

“Our students are dedicated to pursuing their career goals,” said Wendy Leyden, EASTERN’s Cosmetology Instructor. “They take this time commitment seriously and work hard throughout the summer in order to achieve the hours necessary to take the Pennsylvania State Board for Cosmetology. I am proud of their efforts and enthusiasm for the field.”


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