Advertising at UDSD Facilities Topic of Discussion for School Board

Advertising in Cardinal Stadium and the gyms will provide additional, recurring revenue for the district.

“We have great facilities…we have a lot to offer,” Pam Ryan, Director of Grant and Fund Development told the Upper Dublin School Board on Monday night. Ryan believes that there are prime locations within the district that local businesses would like to advertise.

Ryan’s proposal to the Board offers potential advertisers 3-year contracts to advertise in the auxiliary gym, wrestling room, main gym, and in the high school pool. There are also opportunities in Cardinal Stadium to advertise on the fence, scoreboard and on the fence between the stadium and the tennis courts.

Ryan told the board that the recurring revenue would help defray other costs to the district.

However, the prices, sizes, and locations are not finalized and Ryan is looking for feedback from the school board and the community on the proposal.

“It’s a win-win partnership within the community,” Ryan said.

The district also has advertising opportunities in the district calendar for business card sized ads for one year to help defray the cost of printing a mailing the calendar.

There was discussion among board members about advertising on the school district website as well.

Ryan said if one advertisement is sold for each location in the first year, the district will have an addition $9,200 in revenue, assuming the district pays for the signs. In the second year, it increases to around $14,000.

The board thought the prices were too low, “If I was with Coke or Pepsi and I saw these prices, this would be a no brainer for me,” said Board member Art Levinowitz.

Superintendent Michael Pladus said many districts are looking for “alternative or independent revenue streams.”

The discussion will be continued during the Monday, April 16 meeting.

Don M April 11, 2012 at 02:24 PM
Wait... we have a "Director of Grant and Fund Development"? Where's that in the budget? Is this position successfully receiving (needed) grants in excess of salary? This sounds like a function other administrators could manage and/or utilize grant writing services for. But before making that call, can anyone gauge cost/benefit of this position?


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