What Will Plymouth Township Repair in 2013?

A list of capital expenditures in the proposed 2013 budget.

Plymouth Council finalized its proposed 2013 budget at a meeting Monday night. The following items are the proposed capital expenditures, totaling $3,746,200.

Some expenditures will bring in new equipment for the township, but the vast majority will be spent on repairing or maintaining facilities, utilities, streets, and public spaces. Click here to read more about the budget.


  • 3 patrol vehicles, 2 motorcycles ($131,500)

Public Works:

  • Annual street paving ($275,000)
  • Plymouth and Belvoir Roads- Cold Mill Recycling ($250,000)
  • Sandy Hill and Belvoir Roads- Intersection improvements ($1,000,000)
  • ADA ramps $50,000
  • Vehicles and equipment ($61,500)
  • Narcissa Road Culvert ($430,000)
  • Storm Water Inlet Reconstruction ($46,000)

Sanitary sewer projects:

  • Sewer pipe lining ($160,000)
  • 18" main replacement ($200,000)
  • Capital contributions to treatment plants ($500,000)

Buildings and grounds:

  • Township building repairs and upgrades ($153,000)
  • EPV Park- fencing repair ($20,000)
  • JFK Park-softball backstop ($10,000)
  • Colwell Park- multi-purpose court resurfacing ($45,000)
  • Blackhorse Park- basketball court resurfacing ($45,000)
  • Alanwood Park- basketball court resurfacing and new fence ($30,000)
  • Harriet Wetherill Park- Design and preservation plans ($55,000)
  • Harriet Wetherill park- streambank stabilization ($25,000)
  • Vehicles and equipment ($18,000)

Community center building:

  • Building improvement and upgrades ($140,700)


  • Fiber optic link ($100,000)


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