Public Works Asks Residents to Remove Leaves from Storm Drains

Help the Department of Public Works prepare for the coming storm by clearing storm drains.

The Board of County Commissioners and the Carroll County Department of Public Works ask all residents who live near storm drains, and are physically able, to remove the leaves in and around the drains.

Removing the leaves from around the drains will allow for the proper and unimpeded flow of water to the drains and into the storm water system.  

Removing the leaves will also reduce the incidents of flooding due to blocked storm drains.

Crews from the Department of Public Works will be working throughout the duration of the storm to lessen the impacts from rain and wind damage around the county and appreciate your assistance.

If residents have any questions or concerns please contact Mr. Christopher Letnaunchyn 410-386-6717.

This information taken from a Carroll County government news release.


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