Owners Propose Expasion And Redevelopment Of Dreshertown Plaza

Frederick Snow, president of Dreshertown Plaza LP, issues a statement regarding their upcoming appearance in front of the Upper Dublin Planning Commission.

Editor's note: You may view the proposed redevelopment plan by opening the attached PDF file.

Dear Neighbor:

As you may be aware, we own the Dreshertown Plaza Shopping Center anchored by George's Shop 'N Bag. We also own the contiguous four acres of land along Dreshertown Road, formerly known as the "Mele Tract", which you may know by the Christmas tree sales in the winter. We also own the contiguous house at the corner of Dreshertown Road and Kirks Lane, with the address of 1430 Dreshertown Road. We have had a number of discussions with township officials and the township planning commission over the years regarding our desire to renovate, as well as expand or redevelop the Dreshertown Plaza Shopping Center and contiguous ground.

Enclosed, please find our formal request to the township to rezone the contiguous Mele Tract from its current underlying zoning of A to SC, in order for us to proceed with a proposed renovation and small expansion of the existing retail center. Both the existing shopping center and the Mele Tract also fall under the existing Dreshertown Overlay District -- DO. This district allows certain uses such as office, daycare, and restaurant, but it doesn't allow for retail uses. We think a logical expansion of the shopping center, along with a renovation, works best for us and the township. The current shopping center is roughly 100,000-square-feet on 14 acres. The proposed expansion is roughly 15,000-square-feet on four acres.

Throughout the past few years during our discussions with the township, the property sat in an idle state, due to the inability on our part to make any meaningful long-term decisions. Some of our past proposals included mixed-use concepts, which if allowed to proceed, may have lead to the demolition of existing buildings. This has lead to an higher-than-normal vacancy level at the property. In the past 18 months, we decided to move forward with just the retail project and subsequently finalized new leases with a number of tenants to serve the community. We currently have a much more "normal" vacancy of just two storefronts, totaling roughly six-percent of the total square footage. We strongly believe our proposed renovation and expansion will lead to 100-percent occupancy, and a much nicer shopping experience for the community. The proposed renovations also show the existing tenants the commitment they like to see from their landlords.

We will soon be on the Upper Dublin Planning Commission's agenda for discussion. We encourage you to keep track of this and come out and give us your comments. If you would prefer to talk to us directly, please feel free to call me directly at the number below. If you have any questions about our company, Brandolini Companies, I encourage you to view our website and the many successful retail projects we have throughout the Delaware Valley.


Frederick Snow


Dreshertown Plaza, Inc., general partner of;

Dreshertown Plaza, LP

1301 Lancaster Avenue

Berwyn, PA 19312

610-640-9800 (office)

610-506-7669 (cell)



Lee June 02, 2012 at 01:19 AM
Mr. Snow wrote such a gracious letter. Dresher is lucky to have people like him in their business community. Very glad that the urban planner types were not able to talk you into multi-use stack and pack housing. :) Everyone in Montgomery County needs to know about sustainable development plans in our area...there is an alert as to where they come from and the activities and the same all over the country as they come from one playbook...here's some background: http://oregonshout.ning.com/profiles/blogs/democrats-against-agenda-21-when-liberals-in-san-francisco-say-no
Lee June 02, 2012 at 01:22 AM
oops not the full link here you go: http://www.democratsagainstunagenda21.com/ :)


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