Despite Rumors, Robbins Park Not For Sale

Upper Dublin addresses rumors of the potential sale or development of Robbins Park

In an effort to quell rumors regarding the potential sale or development of Robbins Park, Upper Dublin Township Manager Paul Leonard has issued a press release stating that no such discussions have taken place.

"The township has had no discussions, nor is aware of any discussions,  regarding the sale or development of [Robbins Park]," said Leonard.

The park features nature trails, an environmental education center, and a volunteer-built 1976 vintage cabin, which was previously used for class work.

Leonard attributes the rumors to "concerned individuals who have heard of the potential demolition of the small cabin for safety reasons", as well as the "preliminary discussions regarding the status of the Robbins Park educational programs by the School District of Upper Dublin".

"It is emphasized that no formal decision has been made on either of these topics; however, the demolition of the cabin might be approved by the board of commissioners at its upcoming May 8 meeting," said Leonard.

The press release also states that the School District of Upper Dublin has indicated that some study will occur over the next 12-to-18 months, regarding the organizational structure of the park, but that the school district "remains committed to the venue as part of its educational program".

Curmudgeon May 02, 2012 at 05:22 PM
Where there's smoke, there's fire. Either that, or the Township and School Board wants to scare us prior to rasing taxes. They always want to cut items they know will illicit the most outrage. How about next teachers contract, hold the line on salaries and other benefits!!!


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