Corbett Signs Chesapeake Bay Agreement

The first Chesapeake Bay Agreement was signed in 1983.

Gov. Tom Corbett discusses how Pennsylvania has helped to preserve the Chesapeake Bay since the inception of the Chesapeake Bay Agreement 40 years ago. (Photo courtesy of the Governor's Office)
Gov. Tom Corbett discusses how Pennsylvania has helped to preserve the Chesapeake Bay since the inception of the Chesapeake Bay Agreement 40 years ago. (Photo courtesy of the Governor's Office)

Gov. Tom Corbett on Monday joined with regional leaders to sign the latest version of the Chesapeake Bay Agreement. 

“This agreement is a sensible way to approach improving both the water quality and the environment of a region that means so much to all of us,” Corbett said. “I applaud the cooperative efforts of all bay watershed entities that have made this historic agreement possible.” 

Mentioned as goals in this latest version of the agreement were sustainable fisheries, vital habitats, water quality, toxic contaminants, healthy watersheds, stewardship, land conservation, public access, environmental literacy and resiliency of the bay ecosystem, the Governor's Office said.

The first Chesapeake Bay Agreement was signed in 1983.

On the Chesapeake Bay Executive Council are the governors of Pennsylvania, Virginia and Maryland; the mayor of Washington, D.C.; the chairman of the Chesapeake Bay Commission; and the Administrator of the EPA. With this new version of the agreement, the “headwater” states of New York, Delaware and West Virginia were added as signatories, the Governor's Office said.



Columba McDevitt June 17, 2014 at 12:26 PM
Must be an election year-Corbett has already cashed the fracking paycheck
James Barends June 17, 2014 at 12:42 PM
The problem with this whole thing is the Bay has gotten worse since 1983. The association is dominated by maryland which has moved to impose crushing burdens on Pennsylvania in particular. Lost in all of this "save the Bay" stuff is why it was formed. The Chesapeake Bay was badly disrupted not by pollution and human abuse, but by the impact of two hurricanes in the 1970's; Agnus in 72 and Eloise in 75. The Bay is actually the lower Susquehanna river which supplies 80% of the water going into the bay. Agnus dumped so much water on Pennsylvania that June that the Susquehanna River flushed the salt water out of 60% of the Chesapeake Bay for nearly 2 months. Virtually all of the salt water based life in the upper half of the bay DIED. The grasses, the crab, oysters, fish, and other natural wildlife were gone. Salt levels in the water did not return to normal throughout the Bay until September. Then in 1975, hurricane Eloise repeated the process and pushed the salt water out of the upper third of the bay. To this day, the upper bay has been considered dead. And to this day, this government association has resisted replanting the salt water plants, reseeding the fish, crabs, and oysters. "Let it return naturally" was even a slogan they used. man made pollution certainly hurt the bay, but what did the damage was mother nature and this association ignores that fact.
Melody June 17, 2014 at 12:52 PM
My, isn't Corbett in a generous mood lately... now that he's personally made millions with the fracking industry?! Too bad, big guy... your damage to the state has already been done and you're OUT come November. There are countless Pennsylvanians who will help you and the Mrs. pack.
James Barends June 17, 2014 at 05:35 PM
So what is your problem with Fracking? Over 1 MILLION well fracked since 1948 and ONLY ONE has been found to cause groundwater contamination. That one in Wyoming was drilled to a depth of 1400 feet when they were supposed to drill to 4100 feet. Happened to cross under a water well drilled to 1200 feet and not legally registered. That is the only case. All Hydraulic Fracturing wells in PA are drilled to 4500 feet of deeper. with a steel casing pipe sealing off the well down to that depth. Your chances of getting hit by lightening are three times higher than a well contaminating water supply. Those are USGS and EPA numbers. Guess you would rather triple your natural gas costs as well as double electric.
Paul E Hofer June 18, 2014 at 09:50 AM
Melody, please provide documentation that Corbett has made "millions" off fracking.


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