Upper Dublin Middle School Teacher Harassed by Student

Sandy Run Middle School teacher says a threatening e-mail was sent to his wife.

A teacher has become the victim of ongoing harassment from at least one anonymous student, according to a Whitemarsh Police report.

The man, who works at the middle school but lives in the Fort Washington section of Whitemarsh Township, reported the harassment to Whitemarsh Police on May 22nd. In a report from that department, the teacher says that he had been receiving various messages on an Upper Dublin website, with some saying that he "should kill himself."

According to the report, the teacher originally chalked up the messages to kids being kids, until his wife also received an e-mail on her personal account on May 21st. That e-mail questioned the teacher's sexuality, suggested that his wife divorce him, and again stated that the teacher should kill himself. In addition, the anonymous author wrote "I have him for [class] and i want to kill him everyday."

The e-mail was signed "a concerned student."

The teacher also received an anonymous phone on May 12th in which a child's voice could be heard making various noises.

Police advised that the teacher also contact the Upper Dublin Police Department in regards to the messages left on the Upper Dublin website, and the case was turned over to detectives.


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