Limerick Police Arrest Park Flasher

Police searched the park on Oct. 24 and again today, resulting in an arrest.

According to a Facebook post from the Limerick Township Police Department, a 60-year-old male was arrested for indecent exposure today at Limerick Community Park.

Police say that Barclay T. Rile, of Limerick, was arrested and charged after allegedly exposing himself to people while walking through the park on two occasions this week.

Rile allegedly also exposed himself to two women at the park on Wednesday evening around 5:40pm. The victims were able to describe the suspect as "a white male in his 50's, dark to salt and pepper hair that is feathered back and longer down the neck. He was said to be wearing a maroon t-shirt and short jeans shorts."

Police searched the park at that time but were unable to locate a suspect. 

Several Facebook commenters said they had seen the same man on Wednesday at the park. 

Today, around 3:00pm according to Facebook, police were called for a report of another indecent exposure. 

Using the Wednesday suspect's description, Sergeant Paul Marchese, Officer Tim DiGregorio and Detective Ernie Morris located Rile, who reportedly admitted to both incidents at Limerick Community Park as well as several incidents in other jurisdictions.

Rile's bail was set at $5,000 and he was transported to Montgomery County Correction Facility.  


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