Horsham Man Arrested for Driving Under the Influence in Upper Dublin

A Horsham man was arrested for driving under the influence after being observed swerving between lanes of travel.

According to Upper Dublin Police reports, on Saturday, Nov. 24 at approximately 1:30 a.m., an officer in full uniform operating a marked police car in the area of Norristown Rd. and N. Limekiln Pike allegedly observed a vehicle traveling north swerve into the south bound lane of travel, causing the car in front of of the officer to brake and move to avoid the car. According to the reports, the vehicle then swerved hard back across the north bound lane and the entire vehicle crossed over the fog line off the roadway into the shoulder and almost striking a curb.

According to the officer's report, he immediately executed a u-turn and got behind the vehicle, which is identified as a White Saturn Vue. As the officer got behind the car, the vehicle again allegedly swerved and the entire car crossed into the opposing lane of travel. The officer then immediately activated the emergency lights and sirens. According to police, the vehicle then swerved back into the correct lane of travel and continued driving north. The vehicle continued to swerve, crossing the fog line before finally pulling into the parking lot of the First Niagara Bank at Welsh Rd. and Norristown Rd.

According to the police report, upon the officer's approach, the driver identified himself to the officer as Christopher Bodman. While the officer was speaking with Bodman, he was allegedly slurring his words heavily and appeared disoriented.

According to the police report, Bodman stated the following to police:

Bodman told police he was traveling back to his home on Sawyer in Horsham. He then said he lived on Dogwood. According to the report he said he had no idea why he was being pulled over and was unaware of the observed violations. He said he was allegedly trying to get home from buying his mother cigarettes. Bodman said had purchased them at the CVS at Welsh and Limekiln Pike.

When the officer questioned why Bodman was traveling on Norristown Rd. in the area of Chaucer (south of the CVS and out of the easy of his route of travel from his home) he stated he always travels that way and cuts through Maple Glen Pizza. When the officer informed him the part of Norristown Rd. he observed him on was still not part of the route he described, Bodman allegedly stated sometimes he just likes to take drives. According to the report, throughout the interaction, Bodman had a tough time answering simple questions: He would state he lived on Sawyer Way, then would say he actually lived on Dogwood.

According to the police report, Due to Bodman's driving, slurring of his words and disorientation, he was asked to exit the vehicle for field sobriety tests.

The first test the officer asked Bodman to perform was the one leg stand. According to the report, Bodman notified the officer that he had broken his left leg which caused him some trouble. Bodman first started by lifting his right leg and counted to three before putting his foot down. He informed the officer he was standing on the leg he had broken and switched feet. According to the report, he then attempted to count and made it to 10, however, he allegedly failed to pick his foot up 6 inches off the ground and for a majority of the count he had his toe on the ground. He again lifted his foot and counted to 12 (failed to count from where he left off) while swaying back and lifted his arms off his sides slightly.

The second test the officer asked Bodman to perform was the nine step walk and turn, according to the police report. Bodman allegedly failed to take heel to toe steps, stumbled and stepped off the line, counted by thousands instead of counting each step as instructed, took ten steps out and 12 steps back.

The officer then administered a PBT to Bodman, which register a .000% BAC, according to the police report.

According to the report, while speaking with Bodman after testing he continued to say he needed to get home to his mother as she needed to breathalyzer and be given her medications. Bodman then allegedly turned around and walked straight into the back of his vehicle.

At 1:44 a.m., Bodman was placed under arrest of driving under the influence of a controlled substance. A searched incident to arrest yielded no additional contraband.

Bodman was transported to Holy Redeemer Hospital for a chemical test of his blood.


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