Soggy, Perhaps Snowy Midweek Storm

There was nothing nice about the weather last week and there will be nothing nice about Wednesday's nor'easter either, but odds favor a wonderful weekend of Fall weather are on the horizon.

Many people are still picking up the pieces in the wake of Hurricane Sandy's path across our region last week. Millions lost power at one point, billions of dollars in damage likely, and numerous communities beat down and destroyed by the wrath of a late season hurricane that will never be forgotten by some area residents.

Pouring some salt on the open wound that is still across the region is another coastal storm likely to impact us on Wednesday into Thursday. Computer modeling suggests the brunt of the nor'easter will be felt on Wednesday afternoon into Thursday before it pulls away. It will not be as strong as Sandy, but the potential for 50 mph wind gusts at the Shore and 30 mph wind gusts across the Philly suburbs is enough to add additional problems to the region. Recovery efforts will be slowed by the additional rains, wind, coastal flooding and perhaps even snow that this midweek storm will bring.

The best chances for snow will reside over higher terrain to the city's north and west, but depending on timing and arrival, we could see snow relatively close to Philadelphia before milder air off the ocean (hopefully) transitions any snow to rain. It's not a lock that we get snow in the Philly 'burbs, but if the storm develops rapidly, arrives at night (or very early on Wednesday, ahead of schedule), we could see some snow on the front end. The best chances for accumulation will be in the Poconos.

In any event, rain will be an issue as well for those who do not get snow. An inch or more of rain can't be ruled out across the rest of the region.

Once the coastal storm departs, the weather should improve in time for the weekend. Highs could reach 60 degrees for the first time in nearly two weeks by next Sunday.

Tom Thunstrom is the editor and publisher of Phillyweather.net. You can also follow Phillyweather.net on twitter at @phillywx or on Facebook.


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