Obamacare Ruling Upholds SCOTUS Responsibility to US

A letter to the editor of one resident's opinion on the Supreme Court Affordable Healthcare Act ruling

The Supreme Court’s victorious healthcare ruling today ranks right up there with the passage of the Women’s Right to Vote! In the past few years it seems the Republican voice has been to uphold the rights and privileges of business over their Christian responsibility of caring for the people.  Today the Supreme Court reversed that voice and upheld their responsibility to the people of this great nation. 

In these bickering days of uncompromised attitudes, it’s so easy to forget our moral and social obligation to each other and think only of ourselves. This country did not become great because we were uncompromising, but rather, because we were passionate about working together to bring about a great nation for the people by the people.

So we can either continue to rally under the “Sour Grapes Banner of Repeal” or we can come together under the “American Banner” of creating jobs and building a better economic future for all Americans.  The choice is yours.

Phyllis Greco
Lansdale, PA

Bringing Truth To Stupid July 07, 2012 at 09:51 PM
The message here is really very simple: help the needy. It's not hard to understand; it's just hard to do. And the message is continuous. It's in the Torah; it's in the Prophets and Psalms; it's in the Gospels; it's in the Epistles. How many churches emphasize serving the poor as much as the Bible itself does? Would the world look the way it does if all believers followed these commands? Another thing to note about these verses is the lack of caveats-- the lack of excuses. None of them add "...once a year" or "...when you feel you can" or "...if they're moral" or "...unless they're black" or "...if they speak English". We have plenty of reasons (I'm sure you can think of a dozen) why we can't go out and feed the hungry, why we have to turn away the needy borrower-- and God help us, how many of us have sold so much as a lawnmower in order to have money to give away? But all those reasons belong to our sinful human nature, not to God. God just wants those needy people helped. If you wanted to be a Biblical one-issue voter, you'd do well to make that one issue serving the poor.
Harry July 07, 2012 at 10:19 PM
Very well said Teri B!!! Bringing Truth To Stupid, I like how you pick and choose the bible verses that suite your point of view. How about God helps those who help themselves? First off, if you or any of your liberal friends really think that someone on the right would not help the poor or needy, you are truly misguided!!! If you read Teri B's above post, he sums it up pretty well. His points are very clear and to the point!!! We The People are endowed by our Creator!! Not our socialist czar in the Peoples House! Our rights are not to be infringed upon! Maybe you should read the Constitution as it is written, not as the state run media tells you. As far as two wars, I agree with you 100%, so maybe instead of attacking each other, we should find common ground and move forward, this discussion is going nowhere at the moment. The government and media have us so divided that they are able to push through legislation because we are busy fighting each other and not paying attention to the scum in DC who continue to take away our rights each and every day. HMS and the TSA under Bush, need to go!! God Bless the USA!!!
Bringing Truth To Stupid July 07, 2012 at 10:37 PM
Harry, I didn't "pick and choose" anything. I agree that people should attempt try to help themselves. But the Bible does NOT say that you should ignore those who do not say. Please point me to a verse that says "Help the poor, as long as you think they are really poor and aren't jsut lazy". You should try and do the best you can and work hard at what you are able, and you should give freely to those that do not have. Only someone with a "screw you, got mine" attitude would look at the two types of verses, both the "Help the poor" and the "Help yourself" and decide that one invalidates the other. It is every Christians responsibility to try and "Help themselves" but it also every Christian's responsibility to try and give and sacrifice to help others. But I digress, I am used to the hypocrisy of so called Christians and their selfish desires to cling to the parts of the Bible that they want to follow, and ignore the parts that are inconvenient to them. I'm not saying that individuals would not help the poor, but it's obvious that enough people are not helping them or else there wouldn't be this problem would it? If all of the so called Christians did as their Bible instructed, then we wouldn't need Obamacare. You have no one to blame for it's need but yourself and your brethren who selfishly looked to their own good and not their neighbors as instructed by your religion.
linda spreeman July 08, 2012 at 03:20 PM
This debate will continue forever. It's not possible to please everyone in every camp. No system is perfect. The best that one can hope for is a system that provides the greatest good for the most amount of people (Utilitarianism) a la college Philosophy 101. Any system or law will produce flaws or critics. <Linda Spreeman, King of Prussia>
Christopher R. Collopy July 08, 2012 at 05:39 PM
Is BHO trying to gain the whole world for a Muslim Brotherhood and servitude for infidels??? Spend Spend Spend Waste Waste Waste Tax Tax Tax Taxxxxxxxxxxxx. Had enough yet???????????


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