Can Philadelphia Eagles Stay Undefeated?

Of the NFL teams that are undefeated after two weeks, would anyone believe one would be the Philadelphia Eagles?

When it comes to undefeated teams in the National Football League after the first two weeks of the season, most would be able to pick them.

You would count the New England Patriots, the Green Bay Packers and the New Orleans Saints among them.

But this is the NFL and things can get crazy.

This year, after two weeks, there are six undefeated teams:

  • San Francisco 49ers -- They look like the best team in the entire league right now, totally dominating.
  • Atlanta Falcons -- QB Matt Ryan has been impressive. He came off a route in Week One to defeat Peyton Manning and the Denver Broncos. Not too shabby.
  • Houston Texans -- They are a team to be reckoned with. Last year's playoff appearance is no fluke. This is a solid team.
  • San Diego Chargers -- They don't start off strong so this is a surprise.

And now comes the two surprises.

The Arizona Cardinals, with ex-Eagle Kevin Kolb now back at the helm, are 2-0.

And so are the Philadelphia Eagles.

The Eagles never start off a season well. And after watching the first two games, this team could easily be looking for its first win.

But sometimes the ball bounces in your favor.

And even with nine turnovers in two games, Michael Vick and company have found a way to pull out two W's.

Sometimes, this is the kind of luck that means a big season -- maybe a magical season -- is possible.

I'm not saying that the Birds are going to win the Super Bowl, but you never know.

Sunday is a challenge too.

One team won't be undefeated anymore when the Birds fly out to Arizona to play the Cardinals.

This is one game that shouldn't be going into the loss column.

The Birds need to play at a high level, keep the turnovers low and have Vick try to pull out another victory.

Starting the season at 3-0 would be fanastic, especially since the Birds were 4-8 at one point last year before winning their final four games.

And next up are those New York Giants, an early NFC East showdown.

Those are the games that make a season.

Could the Philadelphia Eagles possibly be 4-0?

The NFL is a strange beast and after last season, maybe the momentum has swung toward the Philadelphia Eagles this year.

Anything right now is possible.


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