Who's Lying?

The united liberal media and Democrats admit Romney won the first debate; left with no other recourse, they now accuse Mitt Romney of lying. Who is lying?

Presidential contender Romney faced down President Obama during the first debate.  Even staunch Democrats and the liberal media immediately after it happened admitted Romney won.  Chris Matthews and the MSNBC staff melted down.  It really was something to see.  I heard exactly the same things they heard, and that the Associated Press heard, and that the fact checkers heard.

If you had listened to Romney's words carefully during the debate, you would know that the Democrats accusing Romney of lying are patently wrong. Romney said he would not reduce taxes on the wealthy, and would remove some existing deductions and close loopholes that he and other wealthy taxpayers have enjoyed. He said it several times.  The tax burden paid by the wealthy he will not reduce.

He said he would lower taxes on small business owners (the middle class) from 35% to 25% which, historically (check your facts) has created more jobs than any trickle-down government policies ever have. Small business owners (again, the middle class) are tightly holding on to their cash. But with this tax break, these hard-working people will buy an additional printer or truck or machine in the hope of increasing profits, and what then?  They will need to hire and train good people to increase productivity. Otherwise owners themselves along with their beleaguered staffs will have to work around the clock.  In 2009, there were 27.5 million businesses in the United States, according to Office of Advocacy estimates. If each small business hires only one more employee using Mitt's tax break, what do you get? Economic recovery, and fast.

Small business hiring was the engine of recovery for every economic recession our country has had.  I personally lived it, working for what was then a small business. The Bush tax cuts created 13 new jobs right before my eyes - all because we trusted that Administration and availed ourselves of those tax incentives.  Two of us worked 20 hour days for months on end to grow that business, and we needed help.  That's how it works, that's how you get out of this mess.  It isn't political, it's the basic law of economics.  America's unparalleled work ethic got us this far, until Obama and Senate Democrats slammed on the brakes by killing all of the wise legislation put forth by the talented 112th Congress, legislation the media never publishes.  It's all out there on Congress member websites.  Visit Jim Gerlach's site, read what Obama and Senate Dems reject.  

Why didn't Obama challenge Romney's "lies?" Because Romney told the truth, and truth always wins in the end.  Who really expects Democrats and the united liberal media to say that Romney spoke the truth? Of course they're calling him a liar. That's the only weapon left in their arsenal after watching their messiah get hammered.

This President hasn't done "honesty in politics" any favors. This election isn't about Romney. It is about Obama's (4 year) "annual review". None of us would get a promotion with a similar record nor are we able to get away with blaming the guy who had the job before us. We know the Dems are desperate to make this about Romney and a number of uninformed folks will blindly follow it that way. However, anyone with some savvy knows it is about Obama's work to date.

Two more Presidential debates to go.  I intend to forget politics during those slots and just listen carefully and observe.  I know that if I trust my eyes, ears, discerning mind, experience, conscience and intuition - and seek the truth - I will find it.

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