'My War Isn't Over': Paralyzed Veteran Resorts to GoFundMe for New Wheelchair

Anthony Trzeciak, who was paralyzed due to injuries sustained while serving in Afghanistan, has set up a GoFundMe site because he says the VA won't provide him with basic necessities, including a working wheelchair.


A Marine Corps veteran who was left paralyzed from injuries while serving in Afghanistan is seeking public support after he says he has been abandoned by the VA.

Anthony Trzeciak, a Montgomery County, Pa. native who served in the Marines from 2008-2012, was once told by doctors he would never walk again after he was injured in an IED blast. 

Trzeciak said he not only injured his back and head in the blast, but also contracted a near-deadly infection from a virus that he got during his service. "When I was struck by the blast, I had injured my back and while doing patrols in swampy waters during deployment, the infection got into my blood stream," he wrote. 

“After many months of hard therapy I started to get feeling back and some movement. I was discharged and sent home,” said Trzeciak, a 2008 Hatboro-Horsham High School graduate.

But his battle continues. 

He said he works on leg strength everyday but "sadly there is no spinal cord facility nearby and the V.A. expects me to drive 5 hours to receive any help."

Even obtaining a working wheelchair has been a problem. "I have not had any luck with Veterans Affairs helping me getting a new one that would help me get around to do my normal activities," he said.

He also said the VA is refusing to pay many medical bills.

Three days ago, Trzeciak resorted to setting up an GoFundMe page for support.

Trzeciak tells supporters on the online funding page that the money he raises will be used to buy a wheelchair, a shower chair, a toilet chair and necessary exercise equipment.

Trzeciak, who has a wife and son, said he had to foreclose on his home and is now in a rental home that is not handicapped accessible.

“Taking showers and using a bathroom like everyone else does with such ease, takes a lot more time and effort for me to accomplish,” he wrote. 

In the future, he said he hopes to make his home handicap accessible.

“Thank you to anyone who can help us. Please share my story. Get it out there. Catch the attention of the public and show them that my war isn’t over. Hopefully one day I can live a more normal life, with the freedom that everyone else has,” Trzeciak wrote.

Click here to visit Trzeciak's GoFundMe page.

anthony trzeciak July 15, 2014 at 04:24 PM
sadly that was one of the few months I had left walking.
Peter Maravitch July 16, 2014 at 08:38 AM
Sorry for what happened to you. Here is a little bit of info most vets do not know. Once you turn 65, no matter what your financial situation you can file for a pension from the vets that will get you at least 90 dollars a month maybe more depending on your situation. The money is classified for incidentals. You have to file a claim with the VETS Admin. Could take a while for it to process but once they accept the claim, the money is retroactive after they receive it and stamp it. So if the first check arrives a year afterwards, they have to pay you from when the claim was submitted. And do not feel ashamed or any other thought on not to file for it. That's a lunch payment for our Congress people in Washington.
Samantha Naples July 16, 2014 at 10:59 AM
Hello, I work for a specialized and custom rehab equipment company in Abington, Pa. Our company is called Abet Medical, we would be more than willing to assist you in getting you equipment at the lowest cost possible. We have been in business for over 25 years and try to provide the best equipment to help aid in your rehab process. We have many contacts with rehabilitation centers in Philadelphia and we would love to help you. You can contact us at 215-657-2000 and you can ask for Vincent Naples who is our top assistive technology professional. If he is unavailable at the time you can always ask for me, my name is Samantha Naples. Hope this helps and we wish you nothing but the best for your future!
M July 16, 2014 at 10:56 PM
Personally, I can't think of adjectives strong enough to describe how appalled I am every time I hear how our government and the VA treats our returning vets in need of services. Why we as citizens aren't demonstrating against the apparent policy of "too little too late and, by the way, what have you done for your country lately?" I don't know. There's so much to object to what is done or not done on our behalf. Please know, dear Anthony that I respect you and your comrades for their strength and integrity and will contribute as I am able to support each of you. Thank you for bringing this situation to my attention. Please, go in peace and know that you and yours are in my thoughts and prayers...
L.B. July 17, 2014 at 09:28 AM
at times like these a president should step up and fix this mess playing golf and vacations are not a priority A PRESIDENT ! BUT WE HAVE TO MAKE DO FOR NOW


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