PECO "Fully Prepared" for Weekend Storm, Provides Tips for Customers

The energy provider says they are taking all possible precautions to minimize power loss when Irene hits.

PECO is gearing up for this weekend's Irene encounter.

According to a press release, the energy company is taking multiple steps to fully prepare for the storm, in order to minimize the chance of extended power outages.

"PECO's full emergency response organization is getting ready to respond to wicked weather this weekend, repair storm damage, and restore service to customers as quickly and safely as possible," the release says.

PECO says that the company is specifically taking three courses of action: placing all available crews and personnel on stand-by, securing all available local contractors and arranging for supplemental power grid support from other regions, including PECO's Chicago-based sister utility "ComEd."

The energy provider recommends that residents keep the company's emergency telephone number, 1-800-841-4141 handy. The release also suggests that home owners be prepared with a flashlight and fresh batteries on each floor of the home, and have a battery powered clock and radio available.

Even if a resident knows that a power outage has been reported, PECO says that they should still call to report the outage, so that they can more effectively dispatch crews where needed.

Residents are also reminded to stay away from downed wires, electric equipment and tree limbs and branches connected to electrical equipment.

"Always assume PECO's equipment is energized-- even if there is an outage in your neighborhood," the release says.

Residents are also reminded to unplug any appliances to prevent damage, and move items that could spoil into the freezer in the event of an outage.

"A partially full freezer can keep food frozen for up to 24 hours, and up to 48 hours when full," the release says.

Finally, the release states that any homeowners with generators should never connect them directly to home wiring, as this could cause 'backfeed' into PECO's systems and endanger crews.


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