Doctor Lori Lands Role On Discovery's 'Auction Kings'

Lori brings extensive experience and award-winning appraising to the show's third season.

Adding to an already stellar career in the world of antique appraisals, syndicated antiques-columnist will join the cast of Discovery's hit television series "Auction Kings", which documents the day-to-day operations of Atlanta-based auction house, Gallery 63.

“It’s a recurring role,” said Lori. "It may not be every episode, but whenever they need me, they'll give me a call."

Lori, who received her doctorate in art history from Penn State University, will lend her extensive appraisal experience throughout the third season of the series, appearing on camera and pricing various rare items as they make their way through the gallery.

“One of the items that we have coming up in this season is a rare piece of memorabilia relating to Elizabeth Taylor,” said Lori, who refused to identify the specific item. "It's a very rare piece of memorabilia from one of her most popular and highest grossing films. It’s really something that I think people will tune in to watch.”

The producers for Auction Kings approached Lori about the role while she was giving a lecture on a cruise to Bermuda, requesting that she audition via Skype. Excited about the opportunity, but lacking high-speed internet access, she had to postpone until the ship docked in Bermuda

"Once we arrived, I was running around trying to find a place with internet access, but I was finally able to conduct the interview in a Comcast-styled cable building," said Lori. "People were coming in, returning their cable boxes, and there I was, pretending to be appraising something on my laptop."

Having successfully landed the role, Lori became eager to meet the cast and crew.

“It’s really a familial environment, and they’ve embraced me as one of their own. I grew up in Connecticut, so when a yankee shows up in Atlanta, and they treat them nicely, it’s wonderful,” said Lori, who singled out Gallery 63 Office Manager Cindy Shook as being especially down to earth. “She’s refreshing because what you see is what you get with her. She is real”

Prior to joining the cast of Auction Kings, Dr. Lori worked in museums throughout the country, which lead to Lori becoming an award-winning appraiser and syndicated columnist. She began her television career in 2002, working with Comcast and CBS3 in Philadelphia, and has since made appearances on everything from the BBC to Anderson Cooper and Comedy Central.

Auction Kings airs every Thursday at 9 p.m. Eastern on the Discovery Channel, and you can catch column every weekend, right here on Patch.


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