Why PECO sucks.

PECO has botched the restoration of power in my neighborhood.

Yes, I  know that most of the men and women of PECO are working tirelessly to restore power in the wake of Super Storm Sandy. I also know that I am lucky that I did not lose far more like those in New Jersey and New York. My heart and prayers truly go out to them.

My problem with PECO is how they have completely botched the way they have "restored" power in my neighborhood, well most of my neighborhood. 

As of Tuesday, October 31, 2012 we were told that our power would be restored as of 6:00pm that day. Tuesday came and went and no power. OK, they're very busy and working hard. On Thursday we had dinner at a relative's house and were so excited to come home to fully lit neighborhood... that is with the exception of about 5 houses including mine. My wife and kids cried.

My next door neighbors on both sides of us have power as well as my entire street with the exception of myself and the couple in their 80s across the street. When I called PECO they said that it was 49 houses still out and that it would be fixed on Saturday, November 3rd "when the crews returned". "When the crews returned?" Why on earth did they leave when power still hadn't been restored? They had 15-20 trucks and even the governor no more than a mile form our house on Wednesday. I guess once the photo opportunity was over, it was time to move on.

Then last night at 10:00pm, I get a robo call from PECO telling me that my power had been restored. It had not. I tried to call them back but my cell phone battery died after sitting on hold for over an hour. So when I called this AM I am was told that instead of 49 houses it is "only" 16 houses but now the estimated restoration time is 9:00pm on Sunday. Each day that passes the restoration time gets pushed further and further out. What's next? Will they fix 9 more and leave 7? Then fix 3 more and leave 4?

I'm not angry that my power is out. I am angry that PECO gave me 5 different answers on 5 different calls. I'm angry that they fix some houses and then move on leaving pockets still in the dark. I am angry at getting a phone call to tell me that my power was restored while I sat in a cold, dark house. I am angry at the poor execution of restoration management. What kind of bozo says "OK we got most on. Let's leave the others in the dark and move on."?

It is really tough to sit in a cold and dark house and look out your window to see both of your next door neighbors' enjoying their warm, lit houses and then to get a call telling you that your power in on while you're still sitting in the same dark, cold house. It's like a sick, cruel joke.  I feel abandoned by PECO. They up and left and never competed the job.

Once the dust settles, I will be happily switching my gas and electric supplies from PECO. Yes, I know that they own and manage the infrastructure but I'll be damned if they get one extra red cent of mine after this.

To switch electric suppliers: http://www.papowerswitch.com/
To find a new gas company: http://www.oca.state.pa.us/Industry/Natural_Gas/gascomp/GasGuides.htm

Follow my story: http://pecosucks.com

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