Simple (Healthy) Living

Hatfield Township resident Sherry Post's Simple Brandz Inc. is a simple way to boost your all-natural lifestyle and satisfy your aspirations at a healthier lifestyle

Whether you prefer it in a ball form, as a powder or as a moist granola bar, Simple Brandz is starting to become the source for all-natural body food and the solution for those seeking a healthier lifestyle.

Simple Brandz is the creation of Hatfield native Sherry Post, who was inspired to live a healthier lifestyle after losing her job in 2010.

Instead of staying depressed, Post decided to make a change and figure out her next path in life.

That path was getting healthy and getting fit. After scouring grocery store shelves for supplements and becoming frustrated at the lack of items with fruits, grains and metabolizers, Post went home and began making her own.

What happened, she said, was a social media craze. After posting her weight loss pictures online, her friends and family started coming over wanting to know her secret.

The secret was a laboratory-tested and patented powder that came in a small packet. She began selling it to her friends at $5 a packet, and it got more and more popular.

Before she knew it, Post was healthier and skinnier. She was not just training for obstacle runs, but also competing in and finishing them.

"The craze grew," she said. "All of the same type of people that aspired to get healthy and get fit wanted my product."

Post knew her product had to be high protein, gluten free and raw vegan. She wanted smart portions that were rich in omegas and kept you hydrated.

"When I'm running," she said, "I don't look for my water."

What has been born in the past two years are three products: Simple Granola (in five flavors), Simple Fuel chocolate-flavored nutritional supplement powder (made with 45+ ingredients) and the 4.1-ounce, three-serving Simple Fuel Bar.

All three, Post said, are packed with natural healers, superfruits, supergreens, and superproteins - enough to make you feel like Superman.

They are also soy free, dairy free and gluten free.

"The Simple Granola has hemp nuts, Omega 3, 6 and 9, and chia, which is fantastic for endurance athletes," said Post. "Superfruits are high in antioxidants."

Superfruit refers to a fruit that combines high nutrient richness and antioxidants with pleasurable taste.

Post packs what she said are the top six ORAC superfruits into her Simple Brandz items like maqui berry, acai berry, mangosteen, pomegranate and Goji berry. ORAC (Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity) is the measurement of antioxidant capacity in foods.

Somone like Post doesn't just fall into blending, rolling, baking, packaging and shipping the products of Simple Brandz - you have to grow up on it.

"I've been in natural foods a long time," she said. "I am conscious about it."

Post worked as a national coast-to-coast sales manager for a natural foods company for 15 years.

The North Penn graduate also served time in the Armed Forces, eight years in the Army to be exact. Post was a supply clerk at Ft. Lee, VA and worked around nutrition and food for the military. Not to mention, her two overseas tours and past employment in an aviation unit at the Naval Air Station-Joint Reserve Base Willow Grove.

Post continues her connections with the military through her nonprofit organization Sherry's Project. The nonprofit ships a care package once a month to troops overseas and works with donations from local Boy Scout and Girl Scout troops.

This mother of two does all of her work out of her headquarters of the old Hatfield Borough firehouse on Broad Street/Forty Foot Road next to Trolley Stop Deli. 

It is there where boxes upon boxes of Simple Granola in flavors like hickory and snickerdoodle await their next consumer. Right next to those shelves is where Post and her 15 part-time employees feverishly mix, blend, weigh, form, cut and bake each Simple Granola ball or Simple Fuel bar.

"We make about 2,000 products a week," Post said, whose business is a Pennsylvania Preferred company with the Department of Agriculture and part of the Pennsylvania Association for Sustainable Agriculture. "It all depends on the demand."

Most of Post's orders come from online business at www.SimpleFuel.com.  She said everything is made to order.

Locally, Post's Simple Brandz products can be purchased at Trolley Stop Deli in Hatfield Borough, Main St. Java in Souderton, Down to Earth Cafe in Perkasie, Landis Supermarkets, Henning's Market in Lower Salford, Faraday's Natural Food Shop in Pennsburg and The Health Food Store in Chalfont.

"I'm approved at Whole Foods, but I have to get my product on the shelf," Post said.

Keeping up with the demand can get difficult at times, so Post has turned to a Living Social and Chase Bank online contest to win a $250,000 grant. Simple Brandz Inc. has already received the required 250 votes to be considered for the pool.

The grant, she said, would be used to hire more people and expand her facility to support her affiliates.

"It would be nice getting into Whole Foods and big retailers," she said. "I can go sell to them, but if I can't keep up with the demand of orders, why approach them if it's something I can't do?"

Post has plans in the works for more flavors and new products (including a child-friendly and accessible granola).

Just like a dedicated runner, Post is nowhere near giving up the race to fulfill her dream.

"I can't stop," she said. "I can't give up. The orders keep coming in."

Check out Post's products at www.SimpleFuel.com.

There's also a Simple Brandz Facebook page

Contact Post and Simple Brandz at 1-855-BESIMPLE or info@simplefuel.com

Sherry Post June 15, 2012 at 02:41 PM
Simple is Whole Foods Approved ;)
casey jones June 15, 2012 at 08:36 PM
As an avid hockey player, my diet used to be strictly pizza and oddly enough turtle soup. Changing to wheat pasta and whole grains really stepped up my game. It was a slapshot of a decision.


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