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Ambler Theater Unveils Digital Cinema Projectors

All screens at the Ambler Theater have been converted to digital.

On Jan. 1, the Ambler Theater unveiled the new "Digital Cinema projectors and equipment," officially converting the theater from film to digital, according to their website.

The 18 month fundraising campaign exceeded the goal of $300,000. "Our original budget, set 18 months ago, was $300,000. The actual cost increased for two reasons. First, we did a more complete conversion, including a 4K resolution projector (with 3D capability) in the big theater, 2K resolution projectors (with 4K upgradability) in the other two theaters, new screens (better suited for digital cinema) in all theaters, and various other items. Second, the scope of electrical and computer work was more extensive than anticipated."

Because the goal was exceeded in December, the conversion to digital took place sooner than anticipated. The new Digital Cinema projectors were installed during the last week of November according to the Ambler Theater website.

Learn more about the Digital Cinema conversion at the Ambler Theater here.


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