Harrison Ford, Gary Oldman, Miley Cyrus in Ambler for Movie Shoot

Filming at 'Arbor Hill,' 70-acre Dennis Alter estate.

Whitemarsh residents be alert: Harrison Ford, Gary Oldman, Liam Hemsworth, Miley Cyrus, and a host of other Hollywood stars will likely be hanging around the area for the next few days.

The famous actors are in town to shoot a scene for the movie 'Paranoia,' a thriller slated for release in September 2013. Residents of Sheaff Lane in the Ambler section of Whitemarsh got a letter in their mailbox on Wednesday, letting them know that the production might disrupt traffic as it films on Thursday, Friday and Monday.

The letter is as courteous as can be, stating that staff members will be working closely with Whitemarsh Police and consider themselves guests of the neighborhood, promising to minimize disturbance and help with deliveries or handicap access.

The shoot is occurring at Arbor Hill, the private estate of Dennis Alter, who is the former CEO of now-defunct financial firm Advanta.

As Patch , Alter is looking to sell the 70-acre estate, which he assembled for somewhere between $50 and $80 million in the late 90's. The location offers plenty of scenery: It includes a 40,000-square-foot stone house, a 20,000-square-foot 'playhouse' and lots of green space.  Interestingly enough, the main house was designed by Rafael Vinoly, who also designed the Kimmel Center, where 'Paranoia' was shooting just last week.

However, Alter's current asking price for the property, $30 million, is significantly depreciated. Perhaps one of the cast members will fall in love and make an offer?

Patch swung by the property Thursday afternoon, in hopes of catching a glimpse of the production-- the letter to neighbors said that the presence of a helicopter and the firing of blank ammunition would likely occur.

Not surprisingly, the gate was closed, and Patch wasn't on the guest list. But Miley Cyrus, fiancee of actor Liam Hemsworth, was. And who knows, maybe the two might just find Arbor Hill the perfect place to settle down together.

Check back with Patch as we try to find out some more about the production.


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