Construction Towards Digital Has Begun at Ambler Theater

The small auditorium will be closed for renovations until Oct. 10.

The small auditorium at the Ambler Theater will be closed until Oct. 10 while it undergoes renovations, according to the blog by Renew Theaters, which owns the Ambler Theater.

"Since September and October are normally slow months, we are taking the time now to make some of the building changes we need so we are ready when we make the switch to digital," reads the blog.

The theater's digital campaign is "going very well," with the timeline to change to digital before 2013 remaining the same.

The theater needs to raise over $300,000 for the new projectors as well as building upgrades that are needed to install them. To date, the theater has raised over 80 percent of the funds.

"In preparation for the digital, there are a number of changes we need to make in our projection booth and in the theaters. We need to update our electrical systems, the ports out of the projection booth, and will be adding new screens in all three auditoriums."


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