Patch Picks Father’s Day Contest Winner

The contest winner gets $500. Recognizing your Dad for all your neighbors to see? Priceless.


Congratulations to Donna MacNeal, the winner of our Father’s Day Contest and $500.

This is what Donna had to say about her father:

I have to say I had the best dad in the world. When he was a young man he got laid off from his job and that was it, he decided to have his own company. My father started off with a small truck picking up trash and then he made his own company.

(He wasn't the biggest company but certainly the best). He gave his children everything we needed. Love, support, a wonderful home, with help from his wife of course. My dad had passed away 2 years ago now but I have to say daddy thanks for all you have given us and I love and miss you more than you know. Love your very proud daughter. xoxo Happy Father's Day!!

Patch created this contest as a way to allow readers an outlet to talk about their dads and have a chance to win some money. We received some great comments. Thank you to everyone who participated. Below are some of the highlights from some of the comments we received, but they are only sentences out of longer posts and only a few out of the many wonderful comments, so we encourage you to read the wonderful stories about local dads.

MacNeal was randomly selected as the winner.

Thanks to all Patch readers from the greater Philadelphia and Lehigh Valley areas for letting us know how special your dads are and sharing your stories.

Paula Law: My dad has an insatiable love for life that inspires me endlessly. His photos hang on my walls. Almost every song I hear, I hear in his singing voice.

Julie McCormick: A Dad in a daughter's eyes is a man whom she can depend on. A man who played silly games with her while growing up.

Last of the bunch: My Dad my hero. Loving all 7 of us and showing us the meaning of father. Nurturing, teaching, showing us by example the morals and values he wants us to learn.

Frank: My Dad taught me how to throw a baseball, mow the lawn, tease my sisters, cut meat and tie a butchers knot, love my family, and especially love my Wife.

David Cutler: My Dad at 91 is still the person I would most like to emulate. He is a WWll Veteran, a loving husband of over 60 years and a business man that employed hundreds of people over his career.

Marie Muschlitz: My father is a true gift. I could go on about military service, going to college while working full time and raising four children with the most amazing woman ever, my mother. But, over the years, this incredible man has taught me what love and family truly mean.

Zach: Although my dad's nickname was "Grump," I never met a person who did so much for his wife and his kids without ever actually talking about it or discussing its cost.


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