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Earth Hour 2012 Is Tonight

At 8:30 p.m. this evening, people around the globe will be switching off their lights to raise awareness for climate change. Will you join them?

As part of a global call for action on climate change, hundreds of millions of people and tens of thousands of organizations will go dark for one hour on Saturday. From 8:30 to 9:30 p.m., Montgomery County residents wanting to participate should turn off all non-essential lights.

Earth Hour is a global World Wildlife Fund initiative that began in Sydney, Aulstralia in 2007, when 2 million people switched off their lights. In 2008, more than 50 million people all over the world took part in the action, according to Earth Hour's website. In 2009 almost 1 billion people worldwide switched off their lights. By 2011, Earth Hour involved 135 countries with more than 1.8 billion people participating.

According to organizers, hundreds of landmarks across more than 5000 cities and towns went dark at 8:30 p.m. on Saturday local time, with Libya, Algeria, Bhutan and French Guinea among those participating for the first time.

The goal is to inspire people to reduce their energy consumption every day, not by sitting in the dark for an hour each night, but by taking simple steps that can have a dramatic effect.

Here are a few examples of how to support Earth Hour year long:

  • Switch to energy-efficient CFL or LED lights instead of traditional incandescent bulbs. Lighting accounts for about 5 percent of residential greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Turn off or unplug computers, televisions, cell-phone chargers, microwave ovens, and other appliances and electrical devices when they’re not in use instead of leaving them on standby.
  • Turn off lights when you leave a room or finish work for the day.
  • Encourage your company to shut off lights and unused appliances when no one is working.
  • Heat only the rooms you use regularly.
  • Use less hot water.
Alfred Scheib April 02, 2012 at 06:59 PM
It's science, not religion or politics. Read books, not out-of-context excerpts or critiques. Those who know, also realize that people don't react until they must, which in this case will be too late for the human race. Ask the farmers who are finding the changes in weather conditions are changing their farming practices. Earth will recover, but after we've made it unlivable for humans. I fully realize nothing posted here will convince the deniers. Incidentally, several of the prominent deniers were previously employed by the tobacco industry for the same purpose.
Joe Koenig April 02, 2012 at 07:24 PM
I don't know where to begin!!! The huberous of the poeple who think that we can control the universe. While Ann's view is harsh, overpoulation, advancement of 3rd world countries to a westenized (industrial not necessarily democratic, i.e China/India) economy, as well as cyclical climate variations are all contributing factors or climate change. While it makes sense to conserve, recycling will not cool the earth. Raising energy prices will only evaporate wealth, not redistribute it. @Alfed, attacking those with oppsing views does not make you right (nor wrong) it diminishes your arguements. Al Gore has made millions of $$ with distortions and hysteria. We are all eventually doomed, some naturally, others when the sun cools and we all freeze to death. Either science (or God) will catch up to the problems or it won't, in the long run, you and I won't be here to see the conclusion!!!
Chris Butler April 02, 2012 at 11:53 PM
That week of mid 70 degree weather in March, was fantastic! Yeah, climate change is a hoax!
Joe Koenig April 03, 2012 at 12:21 AM
@Chris: Europe had one of its coldest winters in history. The earth is larger than Upper Dublin. I agree that this winter was wonderful, the last two were NOT!! Climate change is not measured in weeks, months, or even years. Check out Joe Bastardi (ex of AccuWeather) and his detailed explanations of weather vrs. climate, in layman's terms. Climate change is not a hoax, the climate is always in flux. The hoax is that WE can control it. I guess solar explosions, sun spots, volcanic eruptions are also under our control. All these schemes to save our planet have more to do with politics and political agendas than with the sincere ability to control our climate.
Alfred Scheib April 03, 2012 at 12:36 PM
Heard of the Swedish chemist Arrhenius? Also responsible for the kinetic theories of chemistry which are recognized by the chemistry professionals. He noted in 1895 that carbon dioxide in the atmosphere can warm the planet. Science, chemistry, physics- these explain what's going on. Ignore politicians. Look at the science. As for Mr. Gore, do you want Tommy Lee Jones chasing you ? Listen to the Wolf Blitzer interview, not the talking heads on the news. In 1969 the Advanced Research Projects Agency was responsible for putting up ARPAnet, which became the Internet as we know it. Mr. Gore pushed to make it publicly accessible. Thank him for his part in allowing you to be able to put your comments here for all to see.


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