Autocomplete Asks: Why Is Pennsylvania So Haunted?

We weren’t aware that we were famous for ghostly happenings.

Google’s autocomplete can be a fascinating look at American trends: Start typing anything into the search bar, and the search engine will suggest what you might be searching for, based on popular searches around the country.

According to The Atlantic, @Amazing_Maps recently put this tool to fascinating use, typing in “Why is [state] so” into the search engine for all 50 states.

The results were at times predictable, at times funny, and in the case of our great state, sometimes head-scratchers.

For example, when you search “Why is Mississippi so,” the first guess Google makes is “Why is Mississippi so poor?” followed in close succession by “backwards” and “fat.” (Sorry, Mississippi.) 

But for Pennsylvania? The No. 1 result, Google tells us, is “haunted.”

Haunted? That’s what we’re famous for?

Well, we’re apparently also “conservative,” “good at wresting” and “weird.”

Since we’re so haunted, does anyone have any good ghost stories to share?

Darlene February 25, 2014 at 09:12 AM
there are so many closed warehouses and manufacturing and old run down sanctuaries.there are also historical parks and battle grounds. need I say more!


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