Mockumentary: "The Mayo Conspiracy" @ Ambler Theater

Do you hate mayonnaise? Craig Horwitz, a native of Lafayette Hill, hates mayo so much, he set out on a mission to warn people against it by starting his very own website, www.holdthatmayo.com, eight years ago. Recently, Horwitz teamed up with longtime friend and mayo lover himself, Tony Vollmer. The North Wales resident and fellow comedy writer, could not resist learning all he could about Horwitz' hatred of mayo. He was intrigued with all the controversy that a small jar of mayonnaise could cause Horwitz and the world at large. Vollmer became sympathetic to his friend’s plight.

Together, they created a mockumentary film called "The Mayo Conspiracy." It will be showing in Ambler, PA and making the film festival rounds later this year. If you are living in the Delaware Valley, there is a great opportunity to attend an exclusive showing of the very funny, yet serious, Mayo Conspiracy, before it hits the festival circuit. The date to circle on your calendar is Sunday March 9th at 10:20 AM. This 90 minute eye-opening experience will take place at The Ambler Theater. The screening is followed by a Q&A.  To view the trailer and buy tickets on-line go to http://www.renewtheaters.org/blog/films/mayo-conspiracy/#.UxAATvldWSo.

Here is the synopsis: When an intrepid journalist, Craig Horwitz, meets up with M, a mysterious whistle-blower from the Mayonnaise lobby, he is taken down a dark historical path from France, to Nazi Germany, and then through the depths of culinary hell. Horwitz starts to fully comprehend the stranglehold this maniacal industry has on modern American politics, revealing a much larger truth to his investigation: It’s no longer just about what this condiment is doing to our body. It’s about what it’s doing to our country!

Craig Horwitz has made it well known to his family and friends how much he despises mayonnaise.  If you are wondering how he gets around the mayo issue with his mayonnaise-loving wife, Tara, he requests extra tomato on his sandwiches, avocado with tuna fish, and Greek yogurt in recipes that call for this controversial condiment. Craig states, “It can be challenging at restaurants, since so many add mayonnaise to their sandwiches and salads without asking our permission.” His wife often tells the server that he is allergic to dairy because she knows he will send the meal back if it is infected with the slime. But, she must be careful when playing the “allergy card” to dairy, when ordering pizza, since there is mozzarella. You see, he also dislikes cheese, but does have a "mozzarella loophole". 

However, that's whole other story!


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