American Bulldogs Never Give Up
American Bulldogs Never Give Up


Well-organized Democrats Turn Out Over 1200 Signatures for Newcomer Cickay

 (Newtown, PA) - A few weeks ago, Steve Cickay didn’t know he would be running for Pennsylvania District 10 State Senator or that he would quickly need 500 signatures to get on the ballot. His campaign staff last month consisted of his wife Susan and his American Bulldog Kongo. But today he realized he has an army of supporters throughout all of District 10 from Perkasie to Doylestown to Morrisville.

 Dozens of supporters braved the cold weather the past few days to not only meet the 500 signature goal, but exceed it by another 700. “I was truly touched by the dedication of volunteers who worked so hard for a new candidate who has never run for office in his life. Yet they delivered what it took to get me on the ballot” said Candidate Cickay. He knows that this core group of supporters will again rally for him during the primary in May and in the final campaign in the fall and is therefore confident that his campaign will wage a good fight against the incumbent two-term career politician Senator McIlhinney.

 “When I was knocking on over 200 doors talking to the people (Democrats and Republicans alike), two things struck me” said Mr. Cickay. ”Many didn’t even know who Senator McIlhinney was and yet he has been in the Senate for 8 years as well as serving in the House for 8 years. The other issue I strongly detected, which came through loud and clear, was an intense distaste for both career politicians and the Corbett administration.”  This bodes well for Mr. Cickay who at age 59 has never held political office before and also has a profound concern about the direction Pennsylvania Republicans have been leading the State of Pennsylvania.

 Mr. Cickay plans to continue meeting his future constituents over the course of the next few weeks and will speak at various group gatherings in Bucks County in the near future. He hopes to build on the success of this petition drive into the primary season in May and onward to the general election in November. “It is inspiring to know that I now have a large core team of committed supporters and for that I am very grateful and hopeful” said a very happy Candidate Cickay.




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